Real Estate Brokerage Sponsorship

Taking the leap from Sales Agent to Broker has some incredible benefits but each state has its own set of unique challenges. Maybe you’re not ready or lack the experience or educational requirements. We can help by sponsoring your brokerage while you work toward your broker license. Currently we only provide sponsorship in Texas however, this year we are adding Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma. If you feel you understand the industry and are ready for the commitment, below you’ll find benefits from owning your own brokerage.

Boss of your Company:
Owning the brokerage, you’ll be able to market your brand identity and promote your own real estate brokerage. This allows you to recruit talented and ambitious agents to work under your brokerage license. You can negotiate commission splits with your own teams and agents. Additionally, you’ll now retain 100% of the commission on any sales you make on your own.

Financial Independence:
This is an undeniably good reason to own a brokerage. The cost is minimal compared to your potential future ROI. Making this choice is obvious if you want a lucrative career while you pursue your own broker license.

Professional Recognition:
Potential clients look for experience and expertise when hiring a real estate professional. The fact that you own a Brokerage means that you’ll gain more experience, education, and credibility than other agents. You can use this to market yourself to a wider (and more affluent) range of clients.

Design Your Own Advertising:
These days online marketing can make or break almost any business. That’s why it is imperative to learn different digital marketing tips for real estate brokerages. As the business owner, you can design your own advertising and campaigns to build a clientele. The way you advertise defines how you appeal to your clients. Get to know your local community and take charge of outreach that will really speak to them.

Control Office Policies and Branch Location:
The right office environment is key to productivity. The light level and temperature determine comfort. Noise level, isolation, and music influence focus. Many teams form a synergy because they share preferences in office environment. They like the same music and understand the way each member focuses. You can set the office location, décor, and culture to build the team of agents you work with best. You set the office policies from payroll to dress code. Many people thrive when building their own office environment for a new brokerage or team.

Determine Your Property List and Clientele:
One of the advantages of owning a brokerage is having complete control over the client and property list. You may have some initiative, but the company’s clientele is defined by the owner which needs to be YOU! As a real estate company business owner, you get to decide the properties you specialize in, which you will take on, and your niche of clientele to work with.

Select Your Service Partnerships:
Who you decide to work with can define your real estate brokerage and client feedback. You will want to build a whole rolodex of the best local vendors such as title companies, contractors, home staging experts, photographers, and landscapers to ensure your clients have the best experience possible.

Work Under YOUR Brand

Available For Many MLS Boards

Dedicated Broker Support

Brokerage Sponsorship

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Per Month (includes one owner)

That’s all we charge to sponsor YOUR company. NO setup fees, NO annual fee, NO broker splits, NO transaction fees …

We have multiple Brokers that have been in the Real Estate Industry since 1997. Our Brokers have diverse experiences and knowledge in Residential and Commercial transactions. Our Brokers also maintain additional licenses which include Appraiser, Professional Inspector and State Certified Instructor.

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